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You're Destination for Professional Hooptastic Hula-Hoops 

Proudly Made in Neenah, WI 

Professional Hula-Hoops 
Everyone can hoop with these hoops

Seems so simple... Grab a hoop and go -  And it is - IF you have the right size.  
I offer Handmade Hula Hoops and private classes for anyone interested in learning how amazing it is to find the flow inside of a hula hoop. 
Learn to hoop around your waist, arms, legs and use the hula hoop for: 
Great Cardio Workout

Hooptastic Hula Hoops
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Hooptastic Hula-Hoop 

Learn To Hoop In Person or Virtually 

These private classes offer tips and tricks to help you learn to achieve your goals fath the hula hoopsl
Great workout - better sleep, more energy, increased strength and fitness
Private sessions: $125.00/hour

Interested in having 3-5 people for a hoop party? Email and we can make that happen 
Parties max of 5 people
$60.00/per person (1 hour in duration)

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